Travel Insurance

We offer travel insurance through our reservation software company for 8.6% of your rental cost.  Travel insurance can be purchased anytime from the time that you make a reservation up until 30 days prior to your arrival.  When purchasing insurance on a date after your reservation date, insurance claims will be subject to the insurance company's "pre-existing condition" clause, meaning you will need to prove the basis of the claim did not exist at the time you purchased insurance.  

Please note we offer travel insurance purely as a convenience for our guests and do not receive a commission nor markup the cost of insurance.  Since we are not a middleman of any sort, any dispute you may have with a travel claim must be handled directly with the insurance company.   Our involvement in any dispute will be limited to providing proof of the date your reservation was made and the dates of your stay.

You can select travel insurance during checkout when making a reservation, or by clicking the link provided in your reservation confirmation email.

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