Our home uses modern technology to make your stay more enjoyable.  We only use technologies that are easy to use.  Example: rather than requiring 2 or 3 remotes to turn a TV on and find something to watch, all of our TVs use a single remote control with simple operating instructions posted by each TV.

Our home provides fiber optic 100MB broadband Internet service and uses a 3 location mesh network to ensure all areas of our home (and pool patio) have reliable high speed Internet access for all your mobile devices.  See below for details on our technologies:

11 Smart TVs with Streaming Services

  • All bedrooms except the bunkbed room have a smart TV

  • Living room, gameroom and the pool patio each have a smart TV

  • Instructions posted near each TV

Alexa Voice Control Systems

There are 3 Alexa devices:: living room, family room and pool patio. To play music, just say:

  • Specific Artist: “Alexa….Play the Rolling Stones” 

  • Specific Song:: “Alexa…Play Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars”

  • Genre: “Alexa….Play Country Music”

  • To pause & restart music say: “Alexa…pause” and “Alexa…continue”

Other commands: 

  • Weather: “Alexa…what’s the forecast?” or “Alexa…what’s the 7 day forecast?”

  • Best beach biking is within 4 hours of low tide “Alexa…when is the next low tide?”

  • Fun: “Alexa…will you marry me?” or “Alexa…I love you” or “Alexa…where are you?”

Outdoor Pool Patio Stereo System

Choose from 10 million songs using Alexa, or Bluetooth sync your own device.  

Instructions posted by stereo controls in the patio entertainment center.

Motorized Shade Over Patio Seating Area

Open the motorized shade to provide relief from the hot summer sun.

Controls and instructions posted in the patio entertainment center.

We have an XBox One system with 4 wireless controllers in the family room.  We have 8 popular games for your enjoyment: Disney Rush, Madden 17, Fifa 17, Lego Avengers, Minecraft, Minecraft story, Rocket League and Assassin's Creed.  Feel fring your own games if you have a favorite.  XBox Live subscription is not provided but the system is connected to the Internet if you wish to play online with your own XBox Live account.  

Electric Car Charging

We offer a 240 Volt, 50 Amp electric outlet in our garage for the convenience of our guests with electric cars.  The outlet is a NEMA 14-50 outlet.  Make sure to bring a charging cable that fits with the picture of the outlet.

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